We work in close collaboration with many organisations to turn ideas and innovation into reality. By doing just this, we transform people, organisations and the global economy.

With the expertise to take research and development (R&D) projects from concept through to delivery, we conduct and exploit emerging research, applying it to address the real-life needs of industry. 克兰菲尔德 combines world-class facilities with the very best practitioners, helping to set the agenda for future technologies in the business sectors in which we specialise.

“This research provided a great opportunity to develop the link between Meritor HVBS and Cranfield, and has led to further collaborative projects.”

——保罗·罗伯茨, 首席工程师, Meritor Heavy Vehicle Breaking Systems, after collaborative research into vehicle safety and environmental efficiency.

与im全站客户端合作 directly for early solutions

Depending on project durations, staff time and use of equipment and consumables, directly funded research can range in size from as little as £10,000 up to significant value R&D programmes at high six-figure levels and more.

Such projects allow your business optimal control of timeframes, 可交付成果和, 如果紧急, immediate starts can be agreed. We will provide a senior academic prime investigator, trained technical staff and cutting edge facilities.


Our network enables us to identify possible project partners who can work together to address industry-wide issues.

As well as providing you with access to the skills and knowledge of our in-house community, 克兰菲尔德 also boasts a wealth of specialist facilities and equipment to assist our collaborative research projects. Many of these are world-class, 大规模的 and unique to 克兰菲尔德.

To see whether you can join ongoing research addressing challenges in your industry or access funding, facilities and expertise to support your specific business challenge, im全站客户端业务参与小组.

Our research collaboration - the facts

  • 44% of our income comes from commercial research and advisory services.
  • We have had a close working relationship with Rolls-Royce for over 30 years.
  • We are ranked in the top five UK universities for commercial research incomes according to the 研究 Excellence Framework.

Whatever stage you are at in considering collaborating on research with 克兰菲尔德, our 业务参与团队 can talk you through everything we have to offer.